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First , OMAC GmbH was founded in 2006 and is based in Germany. The company specializes in the distribution of automotive accessories and its own OEM automotive products in Europe.

The basic strategy of the company is to offer high quality but still affordable car accessories to end users, as well as wholesalers.
Our product range covers over 25,000 items. We offer a huge selection of large number of quality items such as; Chrome door handle trims, mirror trims, door sill trims, bumper trims, front grill trims, car mats, side door trims, headlight trims, cup holders, tailgate trims, gas cap trims, license plate holders, window trims, trunk trims, mud flaps, wind deflectors, deflectors, carbon mirror caps, sun visors, cockpit decors, lockable and removable cross bars, aluminum roof racks, aluminum roof rails, aluminum running boards, leatherette armrests, curtains, exhaust tips and much more…

In 2020, we expanded our storage capacity and service quality by purchasing a new warehouse with 7,000 m² of floor space in Herne.

Since OMAC global has its own production facility, we offer high quality, reasonable prices and reliable customer service. In addition to our B2C marketing on Ebay, Amazon, Hood and via our homepage, we are constantly expanding in order to be able to offer you the best possible articles. For this purpose we are planning to build a modern showroom, where we can present our articles in the best possible way.
We look forward to your visit, as well as purchase in our stores.


Also second Europe warehouse in Paris began to operate in October 2022. We are aiming to serve our European customer faster and better service quality with Paris warehouse.


OMAC USA, located in Houston, TEXAS, since 2018 with 60.000 sq feet warehouse. Provides excellent service and parts for your automotive needs. Since the establishment of the first OMAC branch in Germany, we have always provided high quality accessories, first-class customer service and unique automotive expertise. Reliable, high quality and stylish automotive parts and accessories supplied from our manufacturers all over the world.

OMAC USA team has partnered with reliable and reliable manufacturers on almost every continent. Our inventory, following closely the trends in automobiles throughout the United States and around the world, has been carefully selected to meet a wide range of automotive needs. Our inventory is proud to honor the birthplace of automotive style, aesthetics, and has an impressive collection of European parts and accessories.

Most of the OMAC USA products come from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products, and the products we supply from Europe are privileged to supply these unique parts and accessories in North America. The style of these products is tailored to your automotive tastes and needs.


Now we are in Dubai, As OMAC MEA, we are excited to be in the Middle East.

We as OMAC team globally are ready to serve you .

If you have a product request, opinion or question, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to reply to your e-mails within 24 hours. 


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