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Protective Touch On Your Car's Face

Our face, the most important part of our body. With it, we represent ourselves daily in our environment. Our tiredness, joy, and passions can easily be read from our facial features. It gives information about us to others.

Just like our bodies, our vehicles are one of the most important parts of our everyday life. With them, we not only get from A to B. We meet many people, travel with friends and family. It brings places and people together.

 Well, do you think our car's face is not important? Of course, it is important. We know how to protect our faces. But how do we protect the face of our vehicle?


Bonnet Bra; Front Hood Cover Mask

This mask’s main purpose is to protect the front part of your vehicle, is made of high-quality PVC vinyl leather. These products are designed specifically for your vehicle, not universal.

The Bonnet Bra will protect your vehicle against flies, rust, road, and insect residues during your journey, as well as hide scratches and paint damages on your vehicle from the past.

While the Bonnet bra makes your car look elegant and sporty, it also keeps the front of your vehicle safe. Go and catch up with our vehicle-specific Bonnet Bras 

It gives information to others about us on our vehicle, just like our faces.

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