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How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Meet Premium Floor Mats!

High edges, anti-slip, odorless, anti-allergic, easy clean, vehicle specific, all this we offer with our Premium Floor Mats made of TPE.

TPE - What is it?

TPE is the abbreviation for thermoplastic elastomers. Many people think, in the first place, TPE is a kind of rubber, but actually it is an elastic plastic. Unlike rubber, TPE is odorless, resistant to cold and heat and tear-resistant, but just as soft and elastic.

As it does not contain any harmful substances, such as PVC and latex, it is both anti-allergic and recyclable.


Why do we need high edges?

All weather auto floor mats not only protect the floor, thanks to the high edges it also protects the walls of the floor, even if liquid was poured on the mats, the high edges keep the liquid in the mat. Moreover, since it is produced individually for each vehicle, the mats fit perfectly. Find the custom floor mats for your vehicle! Premium floor mats. 


Anti-slip surface & Clip-Fix

Thanks to the individual shape and the non-slip surface, the floor mats adhere without any problems, even with strong foot movement. Moreover, with the help of the clip-fix, the floor mats are firmly fixed and irremovable.


Advenced Surfacing

The main purpose of the structure of the floor mats is to make the surface non-slip. Furthermore, when water or coffee is poured onto the mats, it protects the shoes from water and liquids.

Prevent your vehicle's value with all weather floor mats! 

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