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OMAC© Mirror Covers

Don't you want to make a small touch for the mirrors, the biggest assistant of the driver?

In modern times, everbody wants to make changes or small touches both to themselves and to any item they use.

If you have a car and you want to change some parts of your car, first you can start from the mirrors, the biggest helper of the driver!

OMAC's mirror cover better than the original!

You'll find designs in car mirrors that are astonishing as you could imagine, and a great selection to choose from on OMAC's website.

It is common for car mirrors to be damaged in accidents or pitting in exterior mirrors due to road hazards.

Why OMAC's mirror covers?

Omac sells  mirror covers is a stylish and protective cover made from original carbon fiber for your mirror, not a replacement part.

When it comes time to replace a car mirror cover you can choose 304 grade stainless steel chrome, High Quality ABS chrome or Genuine Carbon.

Nothing dresses up your car like 304 grade stainless steel chrome accessories. Our products do protect your original parts from unpleasant scratches too.  Does not contain any plastic, never rusts, has ultimate durability and climate resistance for all US conditions.

OMAC USA brings quality in genuine carbon fiber auto accessories!

Our carbon fiber mirror covers are made of 245 twill double carbon fabric.

Genuine carbon fiber auto accessories creates luxurious exterior styles; acrylic clear code and UV sunlight protector are applied to keep the resistance and quality high for years as seen in the pictures.

Please compare our quality with other sellers!

Our difference from most other sellers are our stainless steel item that are made from 304 grade stainless steel and it means that the item has the highest quality, durability, and temperature resistance.

They are symmetric, thin and light products, so these covers do not affect your car performance like the other heavy plastic ones.

Damaged and broken mirrors gain a new look!

Installation takes seconds with adhesive 3M double side tape, which is pre-installed on the back of our products. No drilling, no cutting.

Also OMAC USA is located in the US, and we will be shipping your orders from here!

If you want to buy anything in OMAC you will get exactly the same products on the pictures.  We ship the same day. Just order before 2 PM.

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